Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Fistful of Richards

Thirteen players from across the northern half of Great Britain gathered in Sheffield today to contest the third Hordes of the Things Royal Tournament.  Five of them were called Richard or Richards.

The selection of armies on view included the US 7th Cavalry, Battlestar Galactica, two Welsh armies separated by about six centuries of time, and Renaissance Italian.
Here Andy Sangar (l, The Northern Union) meets Gus Woodward (r, Battlestar Galactica) whilst eventual winner Eddy Richards looks on.
 Tom Zunder (Asag and the Stone Allies) took on Matthew, the younger of the Richards lads, in round 1.

Gus Woodward's army was unusual in featuring single, large scale figures on 40mm frontage bases.  Gus mastered and cast the Cylon warriors himself. 

Magically transported to the ice fields of Hoth, the Army of William the Bastard (under the skilled direction of Eddy Richards) had no problem defeating the Rebels.  In this case the Millennium Falcon had not escaped by the time William himself captured the Rebel base.

This next pic shows the star game of the day, though.  Matt Zunder (left) using my Don't Cry For Me Aberystwyth army was up against his dad using Asag and the Stone Allies (also mine).  Just after this shot was taken Matt's General Llanbadarn and Gwenno Guevara (Hero) killed Asag whilst the armoured car (Rider) and Lancaster bomber (Airboat) captured Asag's mountain stronghold.  In twenty years of playing HOTT that's the first time I've seen someone win a battle by all three of the possible routes (general killed, stronghold captured  and half the army lost).  Well done Matt! 

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