Saturday, June 18, 2011

HotT Practice

Andy and Richard Sangar came over this afternoon and Jamie and I played them at Hordes of the Things.  Richard is borrowing my Heroes of the Minamoto army and Andy is braving the complexities of The Northern Union.

Here we see Richard's force lined up against my Star Wars rebel army.  This game ground to a halt after an hour and a half as Richard sensibly didn't come into the bad going to fight my rebel Shooters and I couldn't roll enough PIPs to do anything useful with my Airboats.

Andy and Jamie's game was more exciting, though.  Jamie, commanding his own Army of Cornetto (Leonardo da Vinci semi-historical Italians) learned early on not to send Blades into bad going against Warband.  Andy learned not to send Beasts in good going up against knights and also the importance of not allowing your Behemoth to be hit in flank.  St Helen was horribly squashed by Huddersfield the Giant as he recoiled from an attack by Leonardo's turtle car.

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