Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rebel Base Detected

So that's my army for the HotT Royal Tournament sorted. I've dusted off (literally) and repaired the old Star Wars Rebel Army that I used in the second Berkeley HotT competition back in 2001.

Unusually for a HotT army it contains four Airboats. I don't think many HotT players come across these regularly and certainly not in this quantity. This has probably contributed to the army's past success (I finished in the top ten at Berkeley with it).

The rest of the army consists of six units of Shooters including the General (front and centre in the shots below). This'll be the first time I've used the army since the adoption of the Glory Day amendments which slow down Shooters to 200 paces a turn.

The Stronghold is a Star Wars plastic toy I found at the local flea market. Not sure what it's meant to represent but it gets the job done.

On previous occasions I've used it with the matching Imperial army which has tended to suffer against it. AT-AT Behemoths are too easily stopped by the Airboats and Stormtrooper Blades that enter bad going are meat and drink to snow speeders.

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