Monday, June 27, 2011

Some More from the Royal

Tom Zunder has provided me with some more pictures of Saturday's events and as his photographic skills far outstrip mine, I thought I should share them with you.

Below we see Matthew Richards's barbarian types facing off against my Asag and the Stone Allies under Tom's generalship.

I was please by how well me son Jamie did (he finished ahead of me for the first time).  He used his Army of Cornetto - an early renaissance Italian army with added Leonardo Da Vinci extras.  Here we see his two units of Knights.

Matt Zunder used my Northern Union army - a force made up of Rugby League mascots.  Here it seems that Huddersfield the Giant has just recoiled from some archers leaving St Helen's flank exposed.

Finally, Lizardmen (Tim Chadburn's I think) against Samurai.  The Samurai are from my Heroes of the Minamoto army which Richard Sangar used to good effect.

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