Saturday, July 23, 2011

Big Samurai Game

Whenever I feel like attracting a large number of players to a Saturday afternoon bash I opt for Hordes of the Things.  The month we did a large (72 points a side) fantasy Samurai game.

We ended up with three younger players - Jamie Crawley, Richard Sangar and Nathan Helliwell and three "Old Farts - Gus Woodward, Ron Pearce and myself.  The younger generation took it upon themselves to declare that they would give their elders a pasting.

I firstly produced 60 point "Holywood Samurai" armies (historical armies but with Heroes added) and let the players decide who would have which.  Then I produced another 24 points worth of "fantasy elements" - Dragons, Ninja, Tengu, a Snake Demon Magician and a couple of Kami (classed as Clerics) oh, and a couple of pieces of artillery - which we would divide between us on the old playground approach.  They picked the Dragon, we picked the Flyers, they picked the Ninja and so on....

Below we see the Old Farts' deployment.  At the far end (click to zoom) are Gus's Teppo Sho (arquebus corps), then, in orange and white, his Warrior Monks (blades).  The middle distance mounted troops are Ron's - Samurai Riders and Heroes and a couple of elements of Ronin Warbands.  Finally in the foreground is my command - two Riders, two Heroes, three Shooters and the Magician.

My two Heroes and two Riders looked a bit weak, though, when I say Richard's two Heros and six Riders lined up to oppose me!

Added to which, Jamie's dismounted Samurai (top centre of the pic below) seemed to be aimed straight at me!  That's my line bottom right.

Meanwhile, on our right flank,  grand duel of the arquebusiers looked likely as Nathan's and Gus's Shooters prepared to scrap over the village.  Nathan also had half a dozen Hordes although these were unlikely to do well in the Bad Going (rice fields).

More later when I've put the youngest to bed.

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