Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Samurai Battle part 2

The second part of the battle saw things break down into two very separate actions.  In and around the village Gus and Nathan fought a prolonged but ultimately indecisive battle.   With Shooters getting +2 when shot at in a built up area Gus, who got there first, was unlikely to be easily shifted.
Back on our left, my initial fears that I was about to be overwhelmed by a combination of Jamie and Richard were lessened when Ron’s and part of Gus’s forces came to my aid. Things got even better when Richard decided to make a flank march that would eventually put him behind my line but which would require him to cross the river twice.  This would slow him down and should give me time to deal with Jamie first.

Jamie and I fought a fun little action in which his Samurai blades struggled to come to blows with my archers because Jamie couldn’t roll enough PIPs.  
Eventually he did get six PIPs though and brought on the Dragon.  Repeatedly rolling one, Jamie then struggled to get the Dragon into action until eventually he was able to use it to attack my Magician General.  Killing the Snake Demon might well have swung the whole battle the kids’ way as my command might well have disintegrated.  Unfortunately for Jamie the dice were unkind and the Dragon fled the field.

Meanwhile Richard split his flanking force into two columns.  He managed to get one across the river but the other was successfully held up by some of Ron’s mounted Samurai.  The rest were cut to pieces by a mixture all three grown-ups’ forces.

Shortly after Ron was forced to go off to see Calendar Girls at The Crucible (poor lad), both Jamie’s and Richard’s contingents became demoralised and we called the game a victory for the Snake Demon’s forces.

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