Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the workbench: July 2011

A bit washed out - I need to suss the flash on this camera - but I'm quite pleased with this gladiator.  It's one from a pack of Foundry gladiators I won in the raffle at Berkeley last year.  I need to add a shield before he joins my Wolf Pirates.

Next a base of Italian spearmen to join my growing 6mm Italian Wars collection that will hopefully soon see action under Renaissance Principles of War rules.

Massed units in 6mm scale really need flags to give them some individuality.  These crossbowmen have a Swiss flag.  They'll get a second rank before they are finished.

Finally, a couple of Airfix Golden Hind models that have been sitting unloved in my parents' attic for upwards of twenty years.  It's occurred to me that they would do for naval support to my 6mm renaissance collection.  Battle of Pinkie anyone?

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