Thursday, December 15, 2011


Remind me never to buy Tamiya acrylics again!

I bought a couple of jars when I couldn't make time at lunchtime to get to Wargames Emporium and knew I needed some dark blue to replace my old, dried out tube of artist's Ultramarine.  

All I need it to do is act as the shade coat for the cobalt blue I tend to use for French uniform jackets and suchlike.  Unfortunately, as I've just found again when painting some 6mm Arab light horse for Polemos GNW, it's got a horrible slimy texture that tends to slide off even the most grease-free of surfaces.  Trying to get it on in thin coats is soul-destroying.

Back to Vallejo and Games Workshop paints for me!

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Andy McMaster said...

Have to agree. I bought some for painting modern microarmor and hated them. Never again