Sunday, December 18, 2011

On the Workbench - December 2011

The big forthcoming event at the moment is the big Cold War Commander game in April so I should be preparing for that.  Of course, I'm not.  As soon as such a project comes along my brain decides to go of in several other directions...

First up it's 20mm Napoleonics.  These guys are a first attempt at doing a dip type of approach.  I've added some chocolate brown paint to a jar of Humbrol acrylic matt varnish and applied with a brush over figures that were roughly block painted (OK I couldn't resist a bit of highlighting on the coat sleeves).

I'm not sure about the effect.  Do I need to add more brown paint?  Will I like the impression more when I have a mass of figures?

And, yes, that's an old Humbrol Authenticard in the background.

Next up are a group of Arab light horse for my 6mm scale Ottoman Turks.  Irregular miniatures.  They're halfway through having their bases painted.

Finally we have some 6mm scale Cossacks for my Great Northern War collection.  These guys are from Baccus 6mm and just need static grass and other vegetation adding to the bases.


BigRedBat said...

I think you'll need to paint the crossbelts and highlight, most people do this over AP, which stains the white too much in my experience.

Another approach might be to varnish the mini before AP, and see whether the paint just settles in the crevices.

I think have an old le Haye Sainte somewhere, you can have, if you get into this period.

Cheers, Simon

Counterpane said...

I've taken Simon's advice and re-highlighted the cross-belts. I think they're a bit narrow on these figures but they do look better. I've also added some paler flesh highlights on the faces. Looks a bit better.

BigRedBat said...

Do post a pic, Richard!