Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sore Throat!

After a little over two yours of constant talking I'm feeling a little rough.  The Song of Blades and Heroes session at the school Christmas fair was fun but hard work.  Seven year-olds have butterfly attention spans and keeping them focussed on the game was sometimes a struggle.

However, in the end we got five or six of them playing for most of the two hours available.

The scenario was the Plains of Chaos - a fairly simple get-in-grab-some-treasure-and-get-out scenario.  The problem was that the dimensional gateways people had to get in an out through would move around the perimeter of the battlefield!

I provided six or seven warbands varying in complexity so players could use a set of rules that would suit their abilities.  The Pirates of Pan Tang, for example, were a force of fairly low complexity.  Below the picture is the information I provided to the player.

The Pirates of Pan Tang are renowned for their fearsomeness and for the vicious tigers they train.  This gang are searching for the legendary rune-sword Tempestbringer.
Three Pirates 
Quality 2+
Combat 4
Special Rules: none
Two Tigers
Quality 3+
Combat 5
Special Rules: Animal, Savage, Long move
Special Rules
Animals  automatically rout when the last non-animal model in their warband is killed. 
Long Move
Models with the Long Move rule use the Long measuring stick when moving. 
A Savage model inflicts a gruesome kill just by doubling the opponent’s score (i.e. they don’t need to treble it - every kill counts as gruesome).

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