Saturday, December 10, 2011


For many years my Rules have stood me well when it comes to not buying too much wargaming stuff that I won't get around to using.  They are:

1. 20mm is skirmish scale.  If you do 20mm gaming it's with individually based figures in skirmish games.  If you do skirmish gaming then you do it in 20mm.

2. 6mm is massed battle scale.  If you massed battles, do them in 6mm scale.

3. Rules 1 and 2 are waived when building Hordes of the Things armies.

These rules, as I say, have helped keep me focussed.  They are, of course, very personal.  However, I've already broken them pretty solidly of late by rebasing all of my WOTR stuff for Impetus and now I'm weakening further.

I've been reading reviews of Black Powder and thinking "that sounds like the kind of game I'd like".

I also have loads of unpainted plastic Napoleonics lying around and this morning I found myself putting them on 40x40mm bases and going, "Hmmmm...".


Fire at Will said...

Welcome to the 20mm black powder club

BigRedBat said...

Or you could buy the Perry Plastics... the thing I've learned about post-plastic Napoloenics, is that it isn't the cost of the minis; it's the time it takes to paint the blighters!

This has led to me buying a lot of 28s, painted, which is a very expensive "habit". But the 28s are very pretty....

Counterpane said...

28mms are pretty but I've been in Yorkshire enough for a certain careful attitude to expenditure to rub off on me. Those 20mm Nappies I already have need using.

The next question is whether to do Peninsular War or to make life easier for myself and go for an early 19th century "Imagination". After all, they don't all have to be mid-eighteenth century.

Fire at Will said...

My Frundsbergers have fought through to the French Revolution and if I hadn't so many Napoleonics already I would have created some to use then as well