Sunday, July 8, 2012

Friday Evening in the Lost Canyon

We members of Bradfield Dungworth Primary School's Parents and Friends Association cleverly chose  to hold our summer barbecue on the day the Environment Agency issued Flood Warnings to most of England because of the heavy rain.  Fortunately, I'd been volunteered into running a wargame for the kids so I'd be indoors all evening, yay!

A lost canyon, somewhere in Oaxaca Province, Mexico.
We'd made some changes to our plan following last week's playtest.

We used four cards to determine the order of play:

"Explorers" - all explorer parties (including the Mexicans guarding the riverboat) get to act.

"Troglodytes" - all troglodyte units including the hideous unknowable blasphemy get to act.

"Wild Thing" - the umpires dice to see what kind of wild animal or natural threat is activated and all existing animals get to act.

"Siesta" - anyone stuck in quicksand must roll to see if they are sucked under then the turn ends and the deck is reshuffled.  Note if the Siesta card comes out first it is ignored for this turn.

We also made the table smaller; about 4'x3', so everyone got into action quicker and explorers had a better chance of reaching safety in the time available.

Don Luis Habañero and the crew man the barricades.
Behind you!  Millicent Threatener fails to notice the Hideous Unknowable
Blasphemy behind her as Troglodytes consider how to eat her father's mule.  

Later - the HUB prepares to dismember the mule.

Dinosaurs?  They must have survived here, cut off for millions of years!
Meanwhile (left of shot), Millicent, having avoided the HUB has stumbled
into a patch of quicksand.  

The end.  Don Luis stands guard, having rescued Millicent Threatener from
the quicksand.  She is the only known survivor of her father's doomed
expedition, though no-one is sure what happened to Idaho James....

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