Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I May Have a Problem

Tidying up the games room I started to think about the unfinished projects I have.   I think there may be too many.  Here's a brief (and I suspect incomplete) precis of the current position.

Sharp Practice
I've recently taken the plunge and started reading Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe novels and really want to try some Peninsula War skirmishes using Sharp Practice.  I've painted some suitable (20mm plastic) figures but need more.  I'm toying with the idea of writing a series of scenarios, each inspired by the events in one of the novels.  

Cold War Commander
I’m working on a Swedish Armoured Brigade and a Finnish battle-group for next year’s Big Game.  I also have George Ashmore’s Brits to rebase so he can use them in the game.

Blitzkrieg Commander / Tac WW2
I like both games and don’t propose to choose one over the other.  What I do want to do, though, is get all my 6mm WW2 stuff based up to the same basing convention I’m using for CWC.  There are also a couple of dozen models still to paint.  Oh, and about fifty WW2 aircraft need magnets attaching to work with my new flight stands.

Axles and Alloys 
I’ve long fancied having a go at this Car Wars type system but have never got round to completing the models.  I need more bits of random weaponry to stick on them.

Song of Blades and Heroes
Not a project as such but an inspiration to get my (relatively few) unpainted 28mm fantasy figures completed.  Also if I do more of this on a Lost World Adventures theme I could usefully paint up my Wild West types to support the Latin American vibe I’ve been using of late.

Border Reivers
The two Hordes of the Things armies are complete except that I haven’t completed the Peel Tower that’s supposed to be the stronghold for the Warden’s Men.

Rommel’s Route to Verdun
I can’t remember why I bought this book from Skirmish Campaigns but it needs relatively few figures and would make a nice focus for a small, 20mm WW1 skirmish collection.  I picked up some Airfix Germans at Gauntlet and will shortly spend some time getting enough painted to do the first scenario.  As things stand I might use Belgians to stand in as French infantry to start with.

25mm Impetus
Earlier this year I rebased my old 25/28mm Wars of the Roses figures on Impetus bases.  Strictly speaking I need another mounted or dismounted men-at-arms unit to enable me to follow the Basic Impetus army lists correctly.  Another issue is that I have a somewhat peculiar mix of retinues.  The collection was originally structured to complement John Ansari’s so I need to add some of the more ubiquitous nobles.  I’ve bought a box of the Perry infantry and so far they have contributed a unit of billmen in Somerset’s livery.  I need to finish the Perry’s and use a small gun and mantlet to make another artillery unit.

I also have an unused 25mm Late Swiss DBA army that I bought from Steve Briddon when he emigrated to America.  I need to sort out rebasing it for Impetus. After that I suppose I’d want to think about Burgundians to oppose it.

6mm Impetus
I’ve been basing up various scraps of ancient, medieval and renaissance 6mm lead on 60mm wide bases with a view towards using them for Basic Impetus, largely inspired by some superb 6mm modelling on a game I saw at Triples a couple of years ago.  I really need to decide where I’m going with this.

20mm Kampfgruppe Odsenzods
This is an attempt to put some structure behind my distinctly incoherent collection of 20mm late war German kit.  I have a few kits to complete and some Wargames Supply Dump figures to paint but I’m not doing any Arc of Fire at the moment so this is on the back burner.  Thinking about it I also have some Museum Miniatures buildings to complete to go with these guys.

20mm Eighth Army
I have a load of Shellhole Scenics Indian troops who need finishing off.  What I’ll then do with them I don’t know.  I also have a couple of Hasegawa Grants and Matchbox Stuarts that I originally painted green to use in an Operation Sealion 1942 alternative history campaign.  They would be more useful in desert colours.

Other 20mm World War 2 Stuff
I have various bits of half-built WW2 stuff.  I’m in the process of finishing a third A34 Comet to give me an 11th Armoured Division tank platoon for 1945 games.  Not sure where I’ll go after that.

The Bayeux Tapestry Armies
A long-held aspiration is to have HOTT armies for Hastings modelled on the Tapestry – thus coloured red green and cream and having figures in a range of different sizes.  This is on hold whilst I look for suitably crude-looking 25mm figures.

The biggest hole in my collection of Gloranthan HOTT armies is the lack of a Lunar Empire force.    I could knock something together if I wanted to but I’d rather wait until the right figures come along at the right price.

My other Glorantha-HOTT ambition is to complete an all Morokanth army.  At the moment my Morokanth are about half of a Praxian alliance force.  The plan is to make sure there are no two identical figures in the army.  I need to convert a few more Morokanth and to get hold of some naked caveman types to use as herdmen.


cardophillipo said...

Hi Richard,

The Curse of the Wargamer! I have a very similar situation here. I have lots of different CWC and MSH projects on the go. But life would be a lot less interesting if I wasn't researching the Portuguese in Angola one minute then the Indian Pakistan 1971 War the next mixed in with a bit of Polish Paratroopers for 'Arctic Strike'. Its the diversity of our hobby that makes it so interesting.


Richard P

Counterpane said...

Actually that reminds me - I have a box of Airfix Paratroopers somewhere. They are earmarked for potential conversion to represent 1970s Polish paras!

Tom Zunder said...

Re the Lunars. There are potentially so many different Lunar forces you could have. Are you thinking of forces that would have been involved in the invasion/occupation of Tarsh/Sartar?