Monday, July 30, 2012

New Tanks

There's a flea market near my work on a Monday and I always check a the stalls for useful stuff.  This time I go lucky and found a guy selling some pre-painted tanks for a fiver each.  I think they're from the  Altaya part-work available a couple of years back.  I could have got a Tiger and a Jagdpanther too but I already have two Altaya Tigers and a Matchbox Jagdpanther.  I don't think I'd use more of either in a skirmish game.

So, on the left we have a T-34/76 (not sure which exact model) and on the right an M4A3 Sherman. 

They strike me as perfectly acceptable wargames models and I'm pleased I don't have to paint them.  I may dry-brush a little dust onto them later.  The T-34 will go towards the number I'll need if I ever run Grossdeutschland at Kursk (ten I think) whilst the M4A3 is just potentially useful one day.

This final pic shows the new T-34 alongside one of my existing Dragon models.  The Dragons are clearly more finely modelled and the new one has a suspicious overhang on the front track guards but over all I can live with the differences.

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