Thursday, May 15, 2014

Downhill all the way?

This morning I finished matt varnishing two Lunar peltasts and a couple of Morokanth.

Two Lunar peltasts...

... a couple of Morokanth.
Together they take my total of painted 28mm figures since the start of September to a satisfying thirty one, which also happens to be the number of new 28mm figures I've bought over the same period.

In fact I'm now in the position that in all of the categories I'm tracking this year (terrain and markers, 20mm figures, 20mm vehicles and guns, 20mm aircraft, 28mm figures, 6mm units, and 6mm vehicles) I'm at least neutral.

From now on the lead-pile is getting smaller!  Oh, except that it's Triples this weekend and there's a severe danger I'll undo all the good work with a shopping splurge!


Simon Miller said...

I'm not doing so well. I have bought a net 264 unpainted figures, and 270 painted figures. So far I have based only 232 figures, so I have added a whopping 302 minis to the lead mountain!

Skirmish is interesting. I have been thinking about writing a set of rules for ancient Roman skirmish, in the autumn, that would hopefully also work for our Praxian stuff.

cardophillipo said...

With Triples in two days at least you can say that for two whole days you were Lead Neutral. Many of us never get close and probably never will!

See you Saturday for some Lead Pile Therapy.


Richard P