Friday, May 30, 2014

Spawn of Bagog

There's not been much from me on here in the last few days because my wargaming efforts have mostly focussed on getting more of my 1/300th scale vehicles based to my modern standard.  I've done bits and bobs of WW2 and Cold War stuff but it's not the kind of work that justifies photographing to post on the blog.

I have, however, just finished a scorpionman that will be useful for my Pavis SOBH project.

The basic model is from the old Citadel Miniatures Runequest range.  It was part of a collection of scorpionmen I was given years ago.  The rest went into my Muriah, Witch Queen of the Broos force for Hordes of the Things.  This one was lacking a tail so I decided to go down the chaotic-mix-of-creatures route and sculpt a new one.  Hence the head of a Jack-o-Bear on the end of a walktapus tentacle.  The shield came attached to the figure but I've added a pilum from an old Lamming Roman legionary.

I'll have to take account of the modification when I come to stat him up for SOBH.  Normally I'd give a scorpionman the Poison special rule but in this case I suspect the ability to Transfix would be more appropriate.

This scorpionman is the second member of a forthcoming warband.  Below we see him alongside a Ral Partha version with the more conventional stinger tail.  As you can see, I like bright colours for my scorpionmen.

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Simon Miller said...

Me likey; very imaginative!