Monday, May 12, 2014

Oh dear, I feel another project coming on...

Inspired by some Mordheim posts on the Lead Adventure Forum, I'm seriously considering building more terrain and figures to allow me to game bits of Pavis in 28mm using Song of Blades and Heroes.

Pavis is one of my favourite settings within Glorantha but strangely I didn't get to game there much in my role-playing days.

For those of you not familiar, Pavis is a huge ruined city, surrounded by giant-built walls and sitting on the edge of one of Glorantha's great wildernesses.  It has huge potential for a Mordheim-type campaign.

For those of you who are Glorantha-philes, I'm currently thinking about gaming two areas - the Troll Break (as I already built that section of wall for my Hordes of the Things armies to fight over) and the area around the Griffin Gate (which includes Balastor's Barracks for underground fun).

As usual, though, this may take many years to come to fruition as spirits of confusion take me off towards other goals.


Simon Miller said...

Once every couple of months, Ian and I talk about doing some Gloranthan skirmish... perhaps set in Prax.

Counterpane said...

The two of you will have to come up to Sheffield when I've made some progress.

Hopefully the twins will go off to uni this Autumn so we'll have the space to put you up!

Simon Miller said...

Sounds like fun!

cardophillipo said...

Sounds Very Interesting, I loved Mordheim. Look forward to following this project.

Richard P

Evan Hughes said...

Mordheim AND Glorantha? What's not to like!