Monday, July 7, 2014

Gauntlet 2014

Jamie and I got to go to Gauntlet briefly on Saturday.  Previously we've either run a game or played in one but this was just a very brief chance to say hello to a few friends and do a bit of shopping.

I got lucky finding a few Glorantha-suitable models like this lovely Dragonewt tailed priest:

Looking forward to painting this one.  Then there's a couple of Broo who should see action in Pavis pretty soon:

And this Dark Ages figures (a Rus perhaps?) who's obviously some kind of Orlanthi thane:

Last (but far from least) of the Gloranthan stuff was this Manticore:

I don't currently plan to do any Beast Valley forces but at four quid I couldn't resist.  The Manticore originally came with a rider with typically over-sized Games Workshop sword but I rejected it and donated it back to the vendor's "50p box".  The same chap also sold me a GW figure-carrying case to transport my Pulp Alley and SOBH collections in and I was very please to get the lot for £20!

On the bring-and-buy I acquired some 20mm WW2 stuff including a couple of Humber scout cars for my late war Brits.


Andrew Canham said...

Good to see you and Jamie and glad you found some bargains. Hope to see you in September if not before.

Cheers, Andy

Counterpane said...

Yeah, good to see you too Andy. Sorry we didn't have a chance to stay and chat.