Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rubble Four-way Fight

Jamie and I ran a game of Song of Blades and Heroes at last night's PFA barbecue for Mille's primary school.  With Millie going up to big school in September and Jamie hopefully off to university, this may have been the last one.

The game was set in the Big Rubble of Pavis and was a first chance to use my ruined temple.

The scenario involved four forces hunting for Treasure Trove Hurbi who, with his valuable treasure map, was hiding somewhere on the board.  I didn't get a chance to take many photos.  The one above is from near the end of the action.  Hurbi can be seen, having been stripped of his map, running away just to the right of the red and purple dice in the foreground.

There was a confused melee in the ruined temple between Orlanthi rebels and chaos raiders.  The Trolls did relatively little despite having a Giant with them.  They killed a few chaos creatures but eventually the Giant fled off the table when a Trollkin was gruesomely killed right at his feet!

The poor old Lunar players were plagued by bad luck throughout.  In the end, the Orlanthi were able to evade their best efforts and escape with the map.

The Lunar and Troll players decided to finish things with a single combat.

The first round of the combat saw a 6:5 roll in favour of the Troll.  This would put the Lunar heroine on the floor!  The player took advantage of a Hero's ability to reroll one combat roll per game and rolled... another five!  In the next turn the Troll finished off its downed foe!

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Richard Phillips said...

Great looking game. Looks like good fun was had by all invloved especially Jamie!
Richard P