Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ruined Temple

The first new addition to my Pavis terrain since I decided to use it for a skirmish campaign, rather than Hordes of the Things games, is this ruined temple from the Big Rubble.

I've deliberately kept it vaguer as to which god was worshipped here.  The old city of Pavis was full of odd cults.

The only purchased components are the two guardian statues above, which are from Zitterdes, and the tufts of grass growing out of the broken masonry.  The floor detail in the shot below is from a broken piece of child's toy that I found in the street!  The wall paintings are downloaded from the internet and printed on heavy grade matt paper before being ripped to shape.

The walls are polystyrene packaging material and the doorway is from sandwiched layers of foamcore.

The wall paintings are great - I'm particularly pleased to see what appears to be a Trollkin to the left of the doorway in the shot below.  It looks like the temple will work fine for Pulp games too.


Richard Phillips said...

Excellent work Richard, definitely suitable for Pulp as well as Pavis Big Rubble.
Richard P

Simon Miller said...

Really nice; I love the prints.