Sunday, July 27, 2014

Humber Scout Car

I've been a bit quiet here of late as I've not got much in the way of new painting done (though I have planned out a Pulp Alley campaign).

Last night, though, I did manage to finished one of the Humber Scout Cars I bought on the Bring and Buy at Gauntlet.  This is the Britannia one:

I don't usually like Britannia figures as they are a bit big-headed and "cartoon-y" compared to most other manufacturers I use but this guy reminded me so much of Michael Caine in A Bridge Too Far that I couldn't resist using him.

I've gone with 11th Armoured Division markings to go with my Comets.  Unfortunately I didn't check the numbers and so the formation markings don't match - I should have used a 53 rather than the 52 I had in the spare markings box.

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