Sunday, March 1, 2015

Commercial Property Development part 3

Despite spending little of the weekend at home, I've managed to make some progress on my block of shops.

First up I added some signs.  They were printed at high res on my inkjet printer on high quality matt paper and then glued to thick card before being cut out.  I then added a coating of see-through sticky-backed plastic.  This serves two purposes.  Firstly to make the sign look like a glossy plastic shop-front display and secondly to protect the sign during the next stage of the process.

Next I glued the signs in place and then painted the whole building exterior with textured masonry paint.  This gives a nice concrete render feel.  I then began painting the whole building grey, painting right up to the signs in the knowledge that I could wipe off any paint that found its way onto the fronts of the signs.

I then painted the pavement in a dark grey (GW Charadon Granite).

Next, the pavement got an over all dry-brush of a lighter grey than that used on the building.

The wording on the signs was achieved using my usual technique of looking up words in an appropriate on-line dictionary.  For Andreivian I use an English-Georgian dictionary and then do my best to transliterate from the Georgian alphabet to the Latin.  I decided long ago that the Andreivians use the Latin script as it saves repainting an awful lot of stuff.

Finally for now, the floors of the rear yards have had a base coat of a dark earth colour.  Also I've given a couple of the doors a first coat of paint and added coffee-stirrer barge boards to the top of the eaves.


Paul Foster said...

Very nice work!

Counterpane said...

Thanks Paul.

Richard Phillips said...

Looking Good! Can't wait for the 27th-29th March and the Return to Andreivia, good company, good gaming, good beer and good food. Happy Times.
Richard P

Counterpane said...

Indeed, and still with places for more players for one day or the whole weekend!