Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Charity Paras

Among the figures very kindly donated by members of SOTCW in support of Crisis Point's chosen charity were these very nice Brits.

Unfortunately, illness in January prevented me attending the Penkridge Wargames Sale where I had planned to offer them in one of my Crisis Point Lucky Bags.  Instead I decided to paint them up so they can be used in the game.  After the game they'll go onto eBay to be auctioned in support of The Forgotten Heroes.

In the game they'll become a patrol from 10 PARA(V) , probably to be deployed from my Special Forces Chinook.


Richard Phillips said...

If you don't want to put them on ebay I will make a donation for them.
Richard P

Counterpane said...

Thanks, Richard. Happy to handle it however.

Looking forward to the game. Not long now!

Richard Phillips said...

Me too, pleased with how my Italians have turned out and looking forward to getting them on the table. A few finishing touches here and there and they are done. Few buildings for Tcherbevan to finish off. Just made a load of sandbags out of modelling clay for NATO HQ.