Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crisis Point 2015: Day One

Fierce fighting continues in war-torn Andreivia.  In the northwestern area, Russian forces have pushed out from their bridgehead on the coast at Mdinar.

Russian forces move out from the ruined suburbs of Mdinar.

The Russian Naval Infantry commander's personal helicopter -
a Kamov nicely built and painted by Mark Kniveton

They are opposed by regular units of the Andreivian Army.

Andreivian sniper team by Ian Shaw
Meanwhile in central Tcherbevan, fierce fighting continues between the Andreivian Turks and the Andreivian Armenians.  

Turk-occupied ruined buildings along Culture Ministry Boulevard
This ruined building was a key point of the Armenians' defence
Meanwhile, the Government-controlled sectors of the city
remained relatively quiet.  The quiet before the storm?
In the south a fierce action developed between Italian NATO forces and the Mujahideen - foreign volunteers fighting alongside the Andreivian Turks.

Italian armour deploys off the southern highway
Italian troops arrive to search a barn
Unfortunately the Italian troops arrived too late to rescue two captured British soldiers (believed to belong to a Hereford-based unit).

So I'd say Day One was a great success.  In the north, Ian's Andreivian Government forces fought the Russians almost to a standstill but they were forced to call in many valuable reinforcements in order to do so.  

In Tcherbevan itself, Andy's Turks captured a building on the Armenian side of Culture Ministry Boulevard - I perhaps didn't give Andy enough of a numerical advantage to play a convincing attack-v-defence scenario but Andy and Rob seemed to get on with it OK.  They'll both have interesting stuff to do on Day Two.

And in the south, Richard and Jamie had a frustrating time trying to clear the Mujahideen away from the southern road.  Powerful as an Ariete MBT is, a determined fanatic with an AK-47 can be damned difficult to winkle out of a wooded position.  Thanks Stuart for your sterling efforts.

More to follow later.


s7610ra said...

The President commends the valiant soliders of the Motherland in their historic struggle to combat the forces of reaction and denounces the meddling intervention of NATO. Now for a refreshing vodka.

Phil said...

Nice looking game, this town is impressive!

Pete. said...

Superb looking games. Hope it was a good gaming weekend.



Tales from Shed HQ said...

Fantastic weekends gaming and great to chat, drink beer and eat pies with friends. Many thanks to Richard C for all his hard work with the Crisis Point games and I look forward to the next visit to Andreivia whenever that might be?

Russell Phillips said...

Mark made a good comrade (are we still allowed to use that word now that we're no longer communists ;-) ), while Ian, Arthur and Leo made for interesting opponents.

Thanks for organising it all. Once again, I had a great time.

Paul Foster said...


Counterpane said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Andreivia is waiting should you wish to come and join us.