Monday, March 30, 2015

Crisis Point 2015: Day Two

I'll try and post a full write-up later but for now here are some photos of Day Two.

On Saturday evening, Richard P reminded me that during the Matrix Game we played in the run-up to Crisis Point 2015, he had successfully infiltrated an Italian Special Forces team into Tcherbevan.  I suggested that it might be interesting if these guys had managed to set up shop in the tower of the ATV building.

When we set up in the morning Ian S placed a three-man observer-sniper team on the roof of the same tower!  We therefore started off with a short, sharp action in which the Italians quickly dealt with the Andreivians.  We used two up-turned paper plates as the floors of the building.  Here we see the Italian just after they'd finished off the Andreivians with one loss to their own side.

Did the Italians shoot wounded Andreivians who would otherwise have surrendered?  We'll probably never know.  Unless, of course, a CCTV tape turns up....

Two of our younger attendees played Andreivian Paratroopers defending the river bridges against Russian attacks from the airport.

Mark Kniveton provided some lovely models including this ASU-85 to support my VDV airborne types.

Fighting continued in Tcherbevan.  This mule-train brought some useful supplies (AT-4 AT launchers) for the Turks...

Leo and Arthur's Andreivian Paras sold their lives dearly defending the rail yard against their Russian counterparts.

More photos to follow later.


Tales from Shed HQ said...

I believe the Italian SF team came under grenade attack first which led to the sad loss of the Andreivian sniper team. All CCTV was removed from the buildings security office after the brief firefight :-)
Richard P

Andy Canham said...

The firefight took place under detailed external observation from the female Andreivian Turk sniper located in the building adjacent to the 1991 monument. Although the heroine herself perished in the later exchange of fire with former Andreivian puppet Government forces, she was able to provide live commentary to the Turkish HQ team occupying the same floor, as she observed the action through her sniper scope.

Mehmet (AKA Andy).

Tales from Shed HQ said...

Is that why she couldn't hit a barn never mind a barn door. She was too busy watching the goings on in the ATV Tower! :-)

Luigi (AKA Richard P)

Pete. said...

Great report- any chance of some more details on the pre- game Matrix game?



Russell Phillips said...

The lads playing the Andreivian paras put up a good fight against tough odds. Full credit to them, especially because they never got mardy, even when the dice were consistently against them.

Tales from Shed HQ said...

Well said Russell, they were both great and Arthur didn't need to use his 'special move' :-)

Counterpane said...


You can see some of the results of the Matrix Game at

You'll have to go back in time a few posts as the results are a bit spread out.

The other place to have a look is at the CrisisPointWargame Yahoogroup:

Sign up and you can see the messages in full.


Pete. said...

Thanks Richard- looked through the messages. Interesting stuff. Joined the yahoo group too.