Friday, April 10, 2015

Ancient Battlefield

Having tried out To the Strongest! on an improvised battlefield made from an old bed-sheet and found it good, I decided I'd better have a go at producing something a little more permanent.  A trip to Antics Models in Sheffield provided me with a couple of rolls of textured paper made by a company called Javis.

I had a sheet of MDF in mind (it's the back side of the grey, textured sheet I use for Pulp Alley games) about 31" x 36" and I knew two rolls would cover it but only if I cut them very precisely.  I would also end up with several prominent joins running across the board.  I therefore decided to go with a crazy paving approach, making a virtue of the fact that I had two different shades of green.  In the end I had three colours as I inserted some bits of old static-grass-coated sheet that I had from years ago.  The small gaps were filled with flock and/or painted and dry-brushed sand.

Finally, I marked out a 3" square grid marking the intersections first with a pencil and then with a red CD marker.

This was the result:

And with some terrain added:

Seen at normal gaming distance, the spots are visible but I think not too intrusive:

My Late Roman Army is beginning to look reasonably effective when deployed en masse.  Mr Berry will be getting yet more of my money soon though.


Sun of York said...

Looks good. I've had fun using lino off cuts for playing surfaces. The back of the lino paints up well and it is firm without being heavy.

I like the crazy paving and the dots look subtle too.

Kurtus Brown said...

Well done. The pics make it look huge. Are those 15mm or 10mm figs?

Can't wait to try out Simon's rules very soon.


Counterpane said...

Thanks, Guys,

No, it's not particularly huge; those are Baccus 6mm figures. Simon's rules are great fun.

Richard Phillips said...

Like the look of table, nice work. Will have to get a few 6mm figures for TtS.
Richard P