Saturday, April 18, 2015

To the Strongest! for Glorantha?

It was pretty much inevitable that as soon as I played To the Strongest! I'd start thinking about how it could be made to work for my favourite fantasy world.  All the more so because author Simon Miller is a fellow Glory Geek and doubtless had similar thoughts whilst developing the rules.

So first up is to look at what I have and to work out how I'd structure Gloranthan units from my collection.

If I plan to base a standard unit on a 12cm wide Impetus unit then my Sun Dome Templars will make two deep Pikemen units plus support.

These are 12cm wide units deployed in 15cm squares.  The unit on the right consists of two HOTT Spear units (60x30mm bases) backed by two HOTT Hordes (60x40mm bases).

On the left is a Light Infantry (bow) unit made from a single HOTT Shooter element with a couple of my patented base-exteender pieces.  Behind it is another Pikemen unit made up of a 30mm deep Spear General backed up by a 40mm deep Horde alongside a 40mm deep Paladin backed up by a 30mm deep Spear unit.  Both Pikemen units end up being 12cm x 7cm.

Finally I've used some singly based Sun Dome Militia figures to represent Heroes.

The final question concerns Solanthos Ironpike.  Clearly he's an attached foot general in TtS! terms, but is he also Heroic!


Simon Miller said...

Yes 12cm wide is the way to go- that's how my Gloranthan stuff is based. Gloranthan-style Heroes (and Superheroes!) is one thing that I'll need to address in a set of fantasy rules.

Solanthos- probably a heroic general!

Richard Phillips said...

Richard they look great.

Counterpane said...

Thanks, guys!

I'm now beginning to realise how many of the Gloranthan armies in my collection have odd numbers of Warband elements. More painting called for!

Simon Miller said...

Something I'm going to look at is getting irregularly-shaped bases made up in thin ply. The Lunar mages will be on round bases, for example. With TtS!, there isn't any need for bases to be square, and I figure I might as well go for a naturalistic look.

Richard Phillips said...

Simon, if you talk to Leon at Minibits/Pendraken he can pretty much do any shape you want. He has done plenty of specials for me in the past.
Richard P

Simon Miller said...

Thanks Richard, I'll look into it after Salute.

Michael Mills said...

Marvellous stuff. I'm seriously considering heading down this route and you're not helping me resist! :-)