Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Duke of Exeter

Back to 28mm and the Wars of the Roses now.  My latest completed element is this unit for Impetus (or possibly To the Strongest!) representing the Duke of Exeter and some of his liveried retainers.

Exeter fits in with my current plan to do the households I need for the Barnet and Tewkesbury campaigns.  Exeter commanded the Lancastrian left at Barnet.  I shall probably give him some liveried bowmen next.

The figures are all by Perry Miniatures and all are plastics except for Exeter (front rank, pointing) and the other plate-armoured man-at-arms (waving) who are from a set of metal commanders I picked up at Orc's Nest in London.

The rather nice banner is by Freezywater Publications.  It would be better if they would print their banners with the two sides separated slightly a strip of plain paper - as it is part of the banner design is wrapped around the flagpole.

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