Monday, April 6, 2015

Heroes and Generals

One area where my existing Basic Impetus forces don't meet the requirements of To the Strongest is that the latter requires a few separately based figures to use as "detached" Generals and as Heroes.  The former allow units a second attempt at activating, and the latter give a second attempt at hitting in close combat (albeit at the cost of their lives).

My friendly local game shop (Wargames Emporium in Sheffield) has a few Baccus figures on sale but nothing specifically tailored to my Late Romans.  I did, however, pick up a pack of Viking personalities figuring that I could adapt a few of them to fit.  I'm quite pleased with the results.

From left to right: generic German type, Roman legionarius, Auxilia
Palatina, and mounted Roman general.
The first is a bare-chested warrior who would sit comfortably with any German, Dacian or Celtic army, I reckon.  He's a simple paint job on an unmodified berserker from the Viking pack.

Next up is my Auxilia Palatina hero.  This is created from the same figure by applying the skirt of a tunic from Green Stuff.  The rest of the tunic is simply painted on.

Then we have a hero for one of my Legio units. Again just a paint conversion of the Baccus figure (I elected not to bother trimming down his baggy trousers).

And then we have a Roman general base.  In this case I modified the standard bearer.  The original figure comes with a flag; a very Viking-looking flag.  I cut off the flag itself with a pair of nail clippers taking care the leave the flagpole intact.  I then attend a crossbar from stretched sprue and a new banner from paper.

And finally, a reminder that these guys are damned small.  Here's the legio hero in front of his unit seen at something more like common viewing distance.

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