Tuesday, June 23, 2015

More Micro Ancients

With Sharp Practice out of the way I've gone back to completing my armies for To The Strongest!  I plan to have Late Roman and Goth armies.

The selection of Baccus minis at Wargames Emporium is pretty thin at the moment but I managed to find a pack of Saxon archers.  They are intended for the eleventh century (1066 and all that) but they'll do for pretty much any Dark Age skirmishers with bows.

I've also made a camp base that will sit inside my forthcoming Gothic wagon laager.

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BigRedBat said...

Splendid- a laager! Remind me I need Goths for mine.

I'm just getting round to some Late Roman/Dark Ages toys including some Arthurian types and Saxons. :-)