Thursday, June 11, 2015

Napoleonic Characters

Jamie and I are putting on a Hundred Days-themed game of Sharp Practice on Sunday and I needed some personality figures.  I raided the boxes of as yet unpainted figures in storage and came up with these four after a little, very hasty, painting:

From the left we have a British Admiral, last reported in the south of France with his wife, Lady Barbara, but somehow now transported to Belgium.  Then we have a well-known physician who has served as a ship's surgeon in the Royal Navy to take advantage of the opportunities to see the world's wildlife and to pursue his secret calling as a British agent.  Then there's his friend, a great bear of a man and Royal Navy master and commander.  Finally, there's a senior French hussar officer, secure in the knowledge that he is the greatest horseman, swordsman and lover of his generation.

The admiral is a figure from the Italeri Napoleon's Marshals set.  The surgeon is a converted HaT Spanish guerrilla.  The captain is Henry Picton from the Waterloo 1815 Mounted Line Officers box.  The Hussar is an Italeri French hussar on a horse I found in the spares box. 

These guys were painted for speed rather than accuracy.  They'll do the job.  A certain veteran Rifles officer is yet to be completed.


Phil said...

Always great on a table, nice looking characters!

Counterpane said...

Thanks Phil!