Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ready for the Blitzkrieg

My 1940 French force is finally based up properly for Blitzkrieg Commander.

Most of the models (1/300th scale from H&R, Scotia, Irregular, and some scratch builds) were painted years ago but it's been a plan of mine to get all of my 6mm stuff based up for Blitzkrieg Commander and that's now officially done.

The force is roughly based on being able to field most if not all of 4eme Division Cuirassée de Reserve (4DCR) the armoured division commanded by de Gaulle in 1940.  In fact I have more vehicles than de Gaulle ever had at any on time (at least at one model to the platoon scale).

Up front is the recce group with Panhard 178 armoured cars.

Then we have the Grand Fromage himself - CO unit flanked by two anti-aircraft half tracks.

Then we get to the teeth.  46eme and 47eme Bns de Chars with Char B1 bis.  All Scotia models except for one H&R.

Then we get the rest of 6eme Demi-Brigade de Chars; Chars D2 in this case:

Then we have the elements of 8eme Demi-Brigade de Chars. These guys are equipped with Renault R-35s.

And a couple of R-40s, leading the six platoon column.

Later in the campaign (25th May), the 3rd Cuirassiers (Hotchkiss H-39s and SOMUA S-35s) were attached to the division:

Next in the order of battle is 4eme Battaillon de Chasseurs Portées, a motorised infantry unit riding in requisitioned civilian buses, infantry companies on the left and support company (25mm AT guns and mortars with Citroen trucks on the right.  They are backed up here by the 1/7eme Battaillon de Chasseurs Portées in Lorraine chenillettes.

I seem to have acquired plenty more infantry - nearly three battalions' worth here:

The division was fairly well set-up to resist enemy armour - here are some 47mm weapons of the divisional anti-tank batteries.

Then we have the artillery.  Lots of Mle1897 75mm guns:

And a regiment of 105mm guns as well:

Having painted some spare trucks and half-tracks I have a logistics train, sort of...

...and a few assorted supporting types; a platoon of Chasseurs Alpins, a Renault FT-17, and a Char d'Assault 2c.

Finally there's a bit of air support.  Two Bloch and one Breguet light bombers and Moraine Saulnier fighter:

I think, to be honest, I've probably got too much stuff.  I'd certainly struggle to use all of the infantry unless we do a really large game.

Next target is to get my 1940 German army similarly based.


Al said...

Cool collection

Richard Phillips said...

Nice work Richard, I have a load of WWII French I got at the Penkridge Tabletop sale a couple of years ago still waiting to be based. Might have to get cracking on them soon after seeing yours.
Richard P

Richard Phillips said...

Where did you get the buses from?
Richard P

Counterpane said...

Thanks guys!

The buses are Irregular Miniatures 'Old Bill' buses from their WW1 range. I used a razor saw to cut off the top deck. Carefully handling cuts from both sides I was able to end up with a sloping roof. They are painted in a variety of civilian colour schemes.

Richard Phillips said...

Thanks Richard

Richard Phillips said...

Hi Richard,

Quick question how many stands do you allow per bus?


Richard P