Thursday, October 15, 2015

Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band

What happened in my 1969 action?

The central reservation of the autobahn (treated as a wall) divided the battlefield into two so little could happen until the British reached that point.

The Chieftain squadron advanced on the left and took up a firing position opposite the two rocky hills on the Soviets’ right.

Anxious not to lose large amounts of infantry to direct fire whilst they were still in their battle-buses, I debussed some and had them advance across the autobahn on foot.

Just before the British infantry dismount
Meanwhile the Soviets had their infantry deployed on the edge of the built up area; the walled orchard in particular forming a strongpoint.

The T-34/85s I deployed hull-down on the central hill whist the IT-130s were on the larger hill on the Soviets’ right.  The 122mm howitzers sat somewhere centrally.

It fairly quickly became clear that the Chieftains were going to dominate their part of the battlefield. Hull down behind the central reservation they were able to pick off one of the IT-130s straight away.

With my Soviet hat on I decided to have a go at concentrating fire against the Chieftains by moving the T-34s, IT-130s and 122mm howitzers into position.  Sadly I rolled the second of three Soviet command blunders in the middle of this process.  The Chieftains first took out the 122s in short order and then maneuvered into a position where, despite opportunity fire from the IT-130s, they could get flank shots on and kill the T34s.

It was then down to a scrap between the infantry on the edge of the built up area.  The Soviet company holding the orchard proved indestructable but by the end of turn 8 there were enough British infantry in the last third of the table to clinch the victory.

I really enjoyed this game.  CWC is fun and a small game like this can be played to a conclusion in no time.  I'm going to keep an eye for more opportunities to build early Cold War kit.


Richard Phillips said...

Great little game thanks for sharing.
Richard P

Richard Phillips said...

Weisse Streifen, gruener Rand

Counterpane said...

Yeah but unlike your roads, mine don't have weisse Streifen yet...