Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fiasco 2015

As Jamie had come down to Sheffield for the weekend, it made sense to take in Fiasco on our way back to York.

In a nice touch, this year's entry tickets were provided in the form of laser-cut MDF; 60mm by 40mm with radius corners.  I suspect this is a standard basing size; Flames of War?

Fiasco is a medium-sized show in a single hall opposite the Royal Armouries.   It has a concentric floor plan with traders lining the walls and down the centre of the hall.  Surrounding them, normally, is a complete ring of demonstration and participation games.

I say "normally" because this year there were several empty tables.  I was left with a distinct impression that this year's show was short on inspiring games.  As a result I didn't take too many photographs.

This 15mm WW2 Eastern Front game was nice.  Not sure how many teddy bears died to provide the fur.

I liked the village:

This large, Western Desert, Rapid Fire game was just inside the front door.

There was a Napoleonics game that might have been based on Borodino:

And finally, I photographed some Ratmen (I think).  Not really sure why other than that I didn't have my glasses on and thought I could study them in more detail from a photo later.  You can click to embiggen:

Shopping-wise I spent most money with Baccus (as usual).  I decided to get the makings of a small Hunnic force.  Jamie had been saying he'd like to try them, and when I've only painted a few of them they'll still be useful as foederati for the Romans.

I also bought some terrain bits from Mick at Leven Miniatures - a pack of greenhouses and sheds , and another of fountains and plinths.  Both will be great for adding detail to urban terrain in 6mm.  An Italian-style building with a covered portico at the front may yet be used as a roadside mansio for ancient Roman games

Finally, I bought a small, round, ruined Greek-style temple that will go into the box of bits I'm gradually acquiring before making a serious start on my Pavis project.

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