Thursday, October 29, 2015

Polish Army Completed

Having taken a much-needed week off work, I've managed to make considerable progress on a number of projects, al in 6mm scale.  In particular, I've finished my late 16th/early 17th century Poles.

The army consists of two units of Valack light horse (front row), one unit of winged hussars and six of pancerny (second and third rows), and two of infantry (rear row).

One potential commander for the army is King Jan Sobieski (below).  He's a conversion of a Baccus Cossack.

The figures represent most of a Baccus Great Northern War Polish Army Pack.  The exceptions are the blue-coated drabant infantry (rear rank in the photo above) and Jan Sobieski's janissary guard (in the rear rank in the photo below).  The drabants are repurposed Russian streltsy (Baccus) while the jannisaries are from the Irregular Miniatures Ottoman Turks range.

These four-base units (the hussars and drabants are actually based as two small bases and a double-width centre) are ideal for Maurice or as standard-sized units for Black Powder.


Simon Miller said...

Looks great! Not a period I know much about, to my shame.

Will McNally said...

Nice, I've still got a 6mm H&R Polish army somewhere.

Counterpane said...

Thanks, guys!

I got into doing the Great Northern War on a whim. I fancied doing some massed, colourful armies as an antidote to painting hundreds of camouflaged blobs when I was completing my WW2 and modern forces. GNW had a nice range from Baccus, fitted in with the Irregular Turks I'd had for years, and was a period few people knew about, thus reducing the amount of reading I had to do to get up to speed.