Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bacaudae - first progress pictures

I've had a very productive period painting-wise over the last week or so.  As well as finishing a winter-uniform Russian platoon for Chain of Command (pics to follow) I've made considerable progress on forces for my planned Late Roman Gaul campaign.

First up are some Bacaudae (local rebel forces), in this case made from some rescued Foundry Arthurians mixed in with Bad Squiddo shieldmaidens and a Scheltrum Models Hebridean sailor repurposed as an armed slave.

I'm using Michael Leck's 1-2-3 basing style for all of my Lion Rampant forces but I'm running short of the 40mm circles I use for three infantry or one horse.

Next up there's the first unit from my box of Gripping Beast plastic Late Roman infantry - a unit of Auxilia Palatina archers.

Alongside the archers here is a mounted shepherd.  The few mounted bacaudae probably came from such a source.  This is a conversion of an Ebay-purchased Numidian cavalryman on a spare horse I've had awaiting a rider for over thirty years.  The figure has a head transplant from the Perry plastic Wars of the Roses infantry set and sits on a Green Stuff-sculpted sheepskin saddle cloth
 (what else would a mounted shepherd use?).

Finally, we have some Hunnic nobles, also rescued from a batch of battered, second hand figures I bought on the bring and buy at Vapnartak this year.

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