Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bacaudae Planning

Getting a start made on my Hunnic nobles and Gripping Beast plastic Late Romans, has inspired me to work out how to structure the two forces in my forthcoming Bacaudae campaign.

The Bacaudae themselves are, I believe, a mixture of Gaullish locals, mostly lower class types but with a few richer land-owning types and city dwellers.  There will be one of two armed slaves in there too.

My main two units will be classed as Auxilia using David Sullivan's Crepusculum Imperii adaptation of the Lion Rampant rules.  This means 12 figures and four points per unit.  I have a collection of second-hand Foundry Late Roman/Arthurian and Germanic types who will form the basis of these units along with some Bad Squiddo Games shieldmaidens and a few other bits and pieces.
After that, I think I should have a unit of archers.  I don't have the figures for these yet.  A second box of GB plastics may be required.  12 figures at four points the unit.
A unit of skirmishers (six figures, two points) seems sensible.  I see these guys as countrymen, shepherds and hunters who know how to make the best of available cover.  I'll probably add some undergrowth to their bases to distinguish them from the more line-of-battle archers.  I have one Dark Ages figure with an early crossbow who'll probably join this unit.

The sources suggest that the Bacaudae in some places had a small number of cavalry.  I plan to portray a mix of richer locals and shepherd types.  One conversion of a Numidian cavalryman to sit on a horse from the spares box is already underway.  Not sure yet whether to rate these guys as javelin-armed light horse or as "horsemen" in David Sullivan's terms. Either way I'll need at least another five figures.

Finally, the Sarmatian cataphracts will be serving as mercenaries fighting for the Bacaudae.  This is a reversal of my previous plan and comes about because I'm thinking of bulking out the "Roman" side with Huns.

The "Roman" side in this campaign (perhaps "Imperial" would be better as both sides will include a fair leavening of citizens) will be based around the GB plastics box.

The eight armoured spearmen, backed up by an officer, a draconarius and two unarmored spearmen will give me a 12-man legio unit - six points worth of real staying power on the field of battle.
One unit of archers (at four points, twelve figures) in already under construction.  Again from the GBP box; ten archers, an officer and a trumpeter.

One unit of Auxilia (four points, twelve figures) will use twelve of the remaining unarmoured spearmen from the GPB box.  I’ll give one the optional sword arm as an officer.
One unit of skirmishers (two points, six figures).  I’ll use the remaining GBP archers for this unit.  Again, a bit of suitable “bad going” on the bases will emphasise their role and distinguish them from the massed archers above.

One unit of noble Hun foederati (Heavy cavalry, four points, six figures in the unit). I already have some Foundry figures that I’m in the middle of renovating.
And finally one unit of Hun expert horse archers (three points, six figures).  Haven’t got these at all.  A search for suitable figures is needed.

I'm off to South Wales this weekend.  I wonder if Firestorm Games in Cardiff can help with these requirements?

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