Thursday, June 9, 2016

Korsun Pocket Chain of Commend - the rules

These are the house rules I'm planning on adopting for the SOTCW Chain of Command game at Gauntlet in early July.

Set Up

All German players start with a platoon.  The platoon starts with Force Morale of 11.

Defensive positions are set up at the north east end of the tables.  These count as the German jump off points.  The Germans get 3 phases of action to start the game without any Soviet interference.

If more than one German platoon is deployed on a table, the “Bigging It Up” rules (pg 102) are in use except that the die roll to see if a turn ends on three or more sixes is 4, 5 or 6.

After three unopposed phases, the Russian player/umpires may begin rolling command dice.  Initial forces consist of an unreinforced infantry platoon.


One resource marker is placed in each terrain piece.  On contacting the resource marker roll 1d20:

D20 roll
Stash of food – roll 1d6 on the morale recovery table:
1 = no effect, 2-5 = +1 to Force Morale, 6 = +2 to Force Morale
Force Morale can never be higher than 11.
Stash of alcohol – roll 1d6 on the morale recovery table
Stash of warm clothing – roll 1d6 on the morale recovery table
Transport – add a vehicle to the unit (selected by umpire)
German JOP – may roll to resupply ammunition for AT weapons (9.3.1, pg 41).  Can also be used to deploy reinforcements.
1d6 reinforcement credits
Wounded/demoralised troops – 1d6 rifle armed troops with 1d6 points of Shock
Stragglers – 1d6 rifle armed troops
Fuel shortage – a German vehicle selected randomly runs out of fuel or bogs down
Roll on special encounters table


Special encounters – can only occur once:

D6 roll
Divisional records – can be burned (roll on the morale recovery table) or transported to the Gniloi Tikitsch for extra VP
Hero – add a Ranking Senior Leader to your force
Wounded Hero – a seriously wounded commander is encountered – extra VP if you can evacuate him.  Requires a vehicle to transport him.
Fuel – if you can pick it up with a vehicle you can ignore one “Fuel Shortage” result
A boat! – no use now but if you can find a way to transport it to the Gniloi Tikitsch it’ll be worth  extra VP
2d6 reinforcement credits

Russian jump off point positions

Table 1
(1d6+4)x10% of the way from the NE edge on each side of the table. Roll separately for each side.
Table 2
1d6x15% of the way from the NE edge on each side of the table. Roll separately for each side.
Final Table
As Table 2 plus one JOP on Hill and one in BUA.


By spending a CoC die, any Soviet player/umpire can position an additional JOP in any cover not currently occupied by Germans.

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Andrew Canham said...

Looks really interesting. Now I'll have to find my ruleset so I can work out what it all means in more detail.

Looking forward to it.

Cheers, Andy