Monday, June 27, 2016

To The Strongest! Wars of the Roses

Jamie's back from uni (I can't believe he's finished his second year already) and on Sunday afternoon we had a quick practice game of To The Strongest!

The was the first game of TTS! I've played in 28mm and the first I've played using medieval armies.  This was all because I'm using both rules and figures for a game at the local primary school's Summer Barbecue on Friday.

We just lined up Lancastrian and Yorkist armies and went at it as quickly as we could to see if we could get through a game in an hour.  We didn't quite make it but with three players a side it'll be much quicker.

You'll note that I've added labels to the back of the units.  I don't generally like doing this but I think the kids will need help telling longbows from billmen.

The result?  Well Jamie won.  Less said the better.


Lee Hadley said...

Great looking game. It seems being beaten by our kids is the norm for us TtS! players.

Phil said...

Wow, great looking armies on this table!

Counterpane said...

Thanks guys. More pics after the game proper.