Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Andreivian Artillery

The latest addition to my 1918 Andreivia forces is some artillery and its accompanying supply wagon.

The supply wagon is a Lledo milk-float with an added tissue paper canvas cover.  The driver is from a pack of figures I got from the bring and buy at an old SOTCW event many years ago.  I think they might be Crimean War era British.

The gun is a French 75mm Mle1897 by Raventhorpe.  Up to now it's been serving I'm my 1940 French army but I have some unbuilt pneumatic-tyres 75s so the French will get those instead.  Again, the unidentified gunner figures.  They were painted in the same colour as the infantry (khaki with a sepia wash) but with chocolate brown busbies with cobalt blue bags.


Tim Gow said...

I've a vague recollection of owning similar figures - nice to see them painted at past!

Phil said...

I like this...a lot!

Counterpane said...


You did. I bought them from you on the Bring and Buy at one of the SOTCW Gatherings. They've been in the box of spare 20mm figures ever since!

Counterpane said...



Richard Phillips said...

Bloody Brilliant! Love It!


Richard P

Counterpane said...

Cheers, Richard. Off to the flea market Monday to see if I can acquire more suitable toys to convert!