Sunday, November 27, 2016

On the Workbench

Nothing much has been finished recently but there's plenty nearing completion as I draw to the end of creating forces to play Lion Rampant set in fifth century sub-Roman Gaul (the Bacaudae project).

These two Sarmatian cataphracts are the last two of eight from the Warlord Games boxed-set.

Lion Rampant uses six-strong units for cavalry so these guys are spare.  I plan to use them as Sarmatians stiffening an otherwise poorly trained and ill-equipped mounted unit of Bacaudae rebels.

The other horsemen are being constructed using spare horses I've had for decades and parts of Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors.

This first guy uses a Gripping Beast upper body and sword arm and a GB Late Roman helmeted head.  The lower torso and legs and the Roman-style saddle horns are sculpted from Green Stuff.  Oh and there's a sword scabbard from one of the Perry medieval sets.

The next guy sits on an already-Roman horse (an old Lamming casting I believe).  Again, upper body, shield, arm and head from Gripping Beast, home-sculpted abdomen and legs.

Further to the Bacaudae project, and actually finished, are these skirmishers.

They are mostly Foundry with one of Annie Norman's shield maidens and a crossbowman of unknown heritage.

Finally, we have these Numidians.  I have twelve of these old-school figures to resurrect. They'll eventually give my four units for To The Strongest or Basic Impetus.