Saturday, November 12, 2016

Speed Painted Andreivians

These early 20th century Andreivian soldiers began Monday evening as Airfix French Foreign Legionaires who had been badly daubed with gloss paint by a previous owner.  They ended Wednesday evening as you see them.

I stuck the figures to pennies (2p coins for the officers) first and glooped the bases with coloured tile grout.  When the grout was half dry I gave each figure an undercoat-cum-basecoat with Vallejo Khaki.  The skin is Humbrol Acrylics Matt Flesh, the puttees and the blankets around the backpacks were painted with Vallejo Medium Sea Grey.  Boots and belts are black, wood Flat Brown, metalwork silver and black in various mixes (all Vallejo).  Finally, the figures got a generous wash with slightly watered-down Vallejo Sepia Wash.

The bases got my usual mix of browns dry brushed with Iraqi Sand before the application of static grass and flock.

Actually, I'm wrong, one of them clearly wasn't French but came instead from the Airfix WW1 Germans set.  A khaki uniform and blue and yellow colour flashes help integrate him with the rest of the platoon.

These guys will see action at Crisis Point 2017, which takes place over the weekend of 8th, 9th April at Dungworth Green Hall, near Sheffield.  There's plenty of room for more players.  Don't worry if 20mm isn't your thing.  You don't need to bring toys; just come and play.


tradgardmastare said...

great looking figures!

Counterpane said...

Thank you, TGM. You win the prize for fastest comment!

Chris said...

For some reason the PSR guy despises these figures, but I think they are pretty nifty. Your paint job makes them even better!



Counterpane said...

Thanks, Chris. Nothing at all sophisticated about the paint-job. The wash brings to what is indeed nicely sculpted detail on the figures.

Pete. said...

Nice work- your simple technique has really brought out the best in the figures.



Al said...


Counterpane said...

Thanks, guys!

Andrew Canham said...

Sorry Richard, missed this at the weekend. Excellent. Wouldn't have occurred to me to paint them khaki and it's worked well.

Cheers, Andy

Counterpane said...

Cheers Andy!