Saturday, November 19, 2016

Down Among the Fishes

The latest addition to the models for next years Crisis Point is this mini-sub.

It's made from the upper hull of the cheap plastic toy canoe seen in a previous post.

The conning tower was built up out of heavy grade paper over sandwiched layers of foamcore.

The periscope is cocktail stick on a glass bead.  The schnorkel is a length of plastic rod.  Various bits of plastic provide detail inside the conning tower.

The crew are from Revell.


Andrew Canham said...

Wow, superb bit of scratch building. That's going to look great in the game.

Cheers, Andy

tsold3000 said...

that is really cool. top stuff!!

Richard Phillips said...

Bloody Brilliant. The Oracle of Andreivia is truly great and we bow to him :-)

Counterpane said...

Thanks, Guys!