Monday, January 23, 2017

Something to Wind Round the Hills

This week's useful find on the flea market was eight pieces of curved Hornby railway track for a fiver.    Along with a couple of old pieces that have been in my box-of-stuff-that'll-be-terrain-for-a-game-one-day I now have about 11 feet of, slightly meandering, railway line. Just the thing for this year's big Andreivia game.

In addition I have some much tattier bits of track that might add another couple of feet with a bit of work.

And then there's a set of points.  Unfortunately these are the old Triang track that's coarser and chunkier than the Hornby and won't join together properly. Still I might have a go at creating connecting pieces with some of the rail off-cuts I'm about to create tidying up the bits in the picture above.

And then of course there's the bit of urban board I originally created for Vani.  That's another three feet.

All this emphasis on length of track is because I've just realised I might well need in excess of twenty feet to give the coverage of railway Andreivia needs.


Chris Kemp said...

Cool! You can never have enough railway track, or trucks :-)

Kind regards, Chris.

Counterpane said...

Cheers, Chris! Yep, don't have enough WW1 trucks yet.

Richard Phillips said...

I will have about 14ft ready mostly straight.
Richard P

Counterpane said...

Great RP! Are you basing it at all?

Richard Phillips said...

Yes it's all based