Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Great Hill Reboot

Over the years I've accumulated a selection of war games hills, bought and home-built and finished in a variety of styles.  Some are painted green, others have dry-brushing and some have static grass. My terrain building style has changed over the years and I've now decided to do a reboot and bring them all up to the most modern standard.

I started off with this selection of temperate (i.e. not desert) hills:

As you can see, they don't have a coherent look to them.  I started off by painting them all in a variety of earthy shades using cheap crafter's acrylics:

When these colours were dry, I dry brushed the lot with a pale sandy shade and then started static grassing:

So far I've used one shade of grass applied to irregular shaped areas of watered down PVA.  This grass is a mixture of 4Ground's Summer Mix (a little too intense a green) and Woodland Scenics Medium Green (distinctly dull) applied with my static grass applicator. I don't usually bother with the applicator as usually I'm adding small clumps of static grass to figures' bases but with these larger areas I do think it makes a difference.  Having done all of them I put them aside to dry and to be honest because I was fed up with gluing and scattering and recycling unused static grass.

Some close ups....

The next step is to add some other static grass of a different colour and then some Woodland Scenics fine turf flock.

There guys should be done in time to take their places at Crisis Point in early April.


Andrew Canham said...

The new look is a huge improvement and using the similar style will make them blend together on the table top. Very nice.

Cheers, Andy

Counterpane said...

Thanks Andy - that's what I was going for.

Richard Phillips said...

Yes nice job Oracle of Andreivia.
Richard P