Sunday, March 12, 2017


OK so this may be one of the most annoying sets of figures I've ever tried to assemble.  And I've built the Airfix British Hussars where half of the horses don't fit the bases properly.

The set comes as three identical sprues each featuring three Jaegers on bicycles.  The problem starts with the fact that they are made from a soft, almost rubbery plastic that doesn't take glue well.  The figures come in four or five parts - bicycle, handle bars, soldier and one or two separate arms.

The figures seat quite nicely on the bikes.  Each has a tab on the inner surface of his ankle that slots into a locating hole on the sprocket of the bicycle.  The figure slots positively into place. Perhaps too positively as there's no significant 'wiggle room' once it's on.

The handle bars glue into place but the hole into which the front upright of the bike slots is perhaps a little large.  This would give a little room for adjustment but the wheels are positioned straight fore and aft so the handlebars can't really be positioned other than perpendicular to the frame of the bike.

Having glued in place rider and handlebars we then need to attach an arm (or in some cases two) between shoulder and hand-grip.  Needless to say, the arms don't fit positively to the shoulders, they are a little over sized making some of the figures look like they have on American football armour, and I've yet to find a compilation of figure and arm that reaches the right distance from shoulder to handlebar.

I'm hoping a combination of UHU glue and an overall coating with PVA will make the figures strong enough to use but these guys may be consigned to the spares box before Crisis Point.


tsold3000 said...

Great... I have a box somewhere in the stash.

Kaptain Kobold said...

How *do* you glue figures like that. I remember having a box of the Revell Soviet ski troops, and never managing to get the feet to stay on.

Counterpane said...

Clear adhesive (Uhu or Bostick) is what I use. I've heard it suggested that flooding the joint with Cyanoacrylate can help.

For metal figures that break off at the ankles I've had some success supporting the join with Green Stuff sculpted as clumps of long grass between/around the legs.

Richard Phillips said...

Gorilla Glue :-)