Monday, March 13, 2017

Just Like an Arrow

It's not often I get to use a Magnum song title in a post here but it seemed appropriate.  Alternatively I could have quoted Case Hardin, "Been lied to be every road sign, crossed every white line...".

Whilst checking my emails this morning I came across this on the desk:

It's a piece of stiff plastic of the kind you find stiffening the collar of a new shirt.  I guess it came out of some item of clothing newly bought by a member of the family.

The cut-out arrow is 11mm long. To anyone else it would be a piece of rubbish bound for the bin. To me it's clearly a stencil for adding direction markings to 1/300th scale tarmac roads.


Richard Phillips said...

Perfect :-)

Richard Phillips said...

Had to listen to 'On a Storytellers Night' after this most. I do love that song :-)

Richard Phillips said...

post :-(