Wednesday, August 3, 2011

At Last!

Last night I finished painting the last of my Border Reviers.  The figures have not inspired me and so it's taken about ten years.  I have not found it a particularly enjoyable process.

The last figure is the one on the right (above) and in the foreground below.  I've converted him to carry a large bundle of plunder and given him a new arm simply holding his reins rather than holding a spear.  Some of the spears were rather badly miscast.

Obviously the next job is finishing off the basing and then I need to finish a stronghold (herd of "lifted" sheep, cattle and horses) for these guys and another (a peel tower) for the Warden's Men.  I'm off to Melrose for a week on Friday so I need to get it all done by then.


Eddy said...

Nice! There are a few border towers near Melrose which are well worth a visit - Smailholm is a favourite. More inspiration for the army?

Counterpane said...

Yep, got to Smailholm and to Hermitage too. Shame Smailholm Tower was covered in scaffolding but it was atmospheric all the same. A few close up shots of details will inform the construction of my peel tower.

Pictures to follow later.