Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back from the Borders

I'm now back in Yorkshire after a week of rain, gaming, rain, the Edinburgh Festival, Scotch pies, rain, and a few trips out to castles and stuff.  First of the castles and stuff list was Hermitage.  A marvellous, brooding structure in Liddesdale.  Well worth the rather long trip.

Then we had Smailholm Tower.  Shame about the scaffolding (they're fitting a green roof to stop leaks) but even so it's a place that really gives one a feel for Border Revier life.

On the Saturday evening we got to play the first game with my new Border Reivers armies.  Here we see the Warden and his men recapturing the Reviers' stolen animals.  On the right of the picture the Reiver chief (three figure Rider element) is powerless to intervene.

Unfortunately we forgot to bring a proper base cloth so all of our battles were fought on this rather luminous green curtain material we rescued from Gus's room.  Below is a scene from one of our 6mm scale Basic Impetus battles - Hyrkanians in the foreground and Cimmerians beyond.


s7610ra said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all.

Counterpane said...

Indeed, much gaming and much drinking of beer.