Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wolf Pirates Finished

In a departure from usual practice I'm revealing in advance my army to appear at this year's Berkeley Hordes of the Things Tournament.

The Wolf Pirates appeared from the uncharted oceans at the end of Glorantha's Third Age bringing death and destruction and heralding the coming of the Hero Wars.  Their leader was Harrek the Berserk (centre  of the front rank above and below).  His faithful companion was the half-Valkyrie Gunda the Guilty (left) and he was sometimes accompanied by Argrath Dragonspear (right) who eventually destroy the Red Moon and become King of Dragon Pass.

The Wolf Pirates themselves were desperadoes from across Glorantha.

In HOTT terms the army is organised as follows:

Hero General (Harrek)
Paladin (Gunda the Guilty)
Hero (Argrath)
6x Warbands (Wolf Pirates)

Gunda's status as a Paladin is justified by the stories of her being unaffected by the magical attentions of the legendary Queen of the Kiss.  In addition, taken together, Harrek as a Hero and Gunda as a Paladin go some way to reflecting the Harrek's powers in the Dragon Pass board game.


BigRedBat said...

I used to field pretty much the same army, with the same command figures! It did very well. My wolf pirates were a duler lot than yours, though, very imaginative.

Counterpane said...

Berkeley in a couple of weeks. I'll report back on its success (or more likely otherwise).

Rudy said...

Very nice band, I particularly like how you painted Harrek!

Counterpane said...

Thanks, Rudy!

My shading style is usually more subtle but I had fun emphasising the ridiculous muscles on the Lance and Laser figure. He looks beter in the photos while I think the other figures look better in real life.